Following a recommendation from maintenance director Todd Bingham, the Fulton County Commissioners have approved a resolution to purchase a new generator for the courthouse building.   Severe damage was reported to the current unit, which would cost an estimated $15,000 to rebuild. 


                        Commissioners also reviewed more information concerning block grant project requests in FultonCounty.   Of the five submitted; only two are eligible due to lack of information or surveys.  Delta is working on an income survey; which could put their project application in contention.   But a sidewalk project for Swanton is ineligible.   That would leave Lyons and Fayette with the only viable projects at this time.


                                                A six-year maintenance restoration plan for the Fulton County Courthouse was presented to commissioners.  The south side of the historic structure is most in need, and approval was given to the project.


And the Fulton County Commissioners reviewed operations at the county airport, where they encouraged the manager to work on developing more activity for current renters.