The Henry County Commissioners have approved the annexation request for about 5.4 acres of land from NapoleonTownship, into the city of Napoleon.  The request was filed by MDC Holdings, LLC, and submitted by Elisa Harmon attorney, on behalf of Dental Excellence.   Dr. Mike Carpenter is working on expanding his services at a location along the west side of Westmoreland Avenue, just north of the current elementary school project for Napoleon.   The annexation request now goes to Napoleon city council for consideration.


At a meeting of the Henry County Transportation Improvement District, and attended by commissioners, four bids were opened for the Industrial Drive expansion project.  All four proposals were under the engineer’s estimate of $290,000; which will include the extension of water and sewer lines, along with the roadway between Harley Davidson and Petro Truck Stop.   Due to grant dollars involved, this bid award will be handled by the Henry County Transportation Improvement District.


Commissioners then approved paying-out nearly $4,800 in expenses for Memorial Day services at 12 posts in HenryCounty. 


And the HenryCounty board went into executive session to interview candidates for a vacant custodial position; but no action was taken.