The city of Napoleon will pay a hefty price for the shutdown of a construction project through AMP-Ohio, that would have generated electric power through clean coal production.   That project was later changed to a natural gas producing plant.   And it would be changed again, when AMP purchased a natural gas plant in Fremont, instead.          Contractors sued AMP for cancelling the construction project; and now the court says the AMP members must pay.   After receiving some money from subcontractors on the project, Napoleon must still pay $820,000.                 The Napoleon Board of Public Affairs reviewed that information Monday night; and recommended Napoleon Council approved the full payment this year.   A big chunk of the settlement was already set-aside in the budget this year.  And despite the large sum hitting Napoleon, the board is not recommending any electric rate increases to pay for the suit.


                        In a review of electric rates charged by the city of Napoleon, consultants are recommending that the city’s various departments be charged a higher rate.  The reason is, the electric department is currently subsidizing all other departments in the city.           The recommendation is to charge Napoleon city departments the same rate as commercial customers.   But the Napoleon Council electric committee decided to table the matter until more information is obtained.


And Napoleon residents can look for the start of the study on the VanHyning sewer.   That should begin later this month with smoke and dye testing of the lines, which would impact Front Street, East Riverview, and other areas on the east side of Napoleon.  Residents will be alerted when that process gets underway.