If there is going to be a consortium in HenryCounty to join forces for water distribution or production; it will be without Napoleon giving up its physical assets for free.   Napoleon’s ‘water and sewer’ committee met Monday night, and are recommending the city keep their water treatment plant and water tower for their own production.   The council committee has also directed Napoleon city manager Monica Irelan to move forward with rehab of the current plant.   That includes going out to bid on final design for that rehabilitation, which is estimated at 11 million dollars.      Council has also moved to include the granulated activated carbon treatment process, which is a 2-million dollar price tag, and included in the cost.   That is designed to produce a better quality of water for customers.              The Napoleon Council is still waiting on a rate study from Courtney and Associates to determine what kind of rates would be required with this renovation included.                 City manager Monica Irelan reports there is still an opportunity for the consortium of HenryCounty entities to come together on a water treatment plant project.   But Napoleon will not offer their system free of charge to the consortium.   She is suggesting a third party help mediate an agreement between all sides.              One of the major factors the other members of the consortium have been asking for, is the price it takes for Napoleon to produce water.   That should be part of the Courtney rate study, coming in the next few weeks.