Following a public hearing to present the proposed revenue budget for 2015, Napoleon city council adopted that resolution Monday night.   That provides for about $289,421 for the general fund from inside millage.  Six-tenths of a mill is utilized for police protection, and another three-tenths goes for fire protection and rescue services.  The city relies on revenue from their income tax to supply a majority of the funds for operation and services in Napoleon.   The expense side of the budget for 2015 will be worked-on later this fall.


                                    Napoleon Council tabled a new contract for NC-TV, with changes coming to match high definition.


A payment of over $820,000 was approved for that lawsuit to settle the issue of a shut-down coal-fired power plant.  Napoleon’s original cost was likely to be 1.4 million dollars; but was reduced.


A change order of nearly $16,000 was approved for the Kennilworth sewer separation project; but that’s still under the estimated cost for the project.


                                    Napoleon Council discussed the issue of eliminating their light bulb recycling program.   And after weighing the options and expenses, council decided to discontinue that service for residents and businesses.  There are options to recycle those bulbs in the retail sector.