A number of northwest Ohio residents will be taking advantage of the nice weather to collect litter along roadways over the next month.  The Multi Area Narcotics Task Force is warning everyone that is working on roadside cleanup, there may be dangers there.           During the past three months, the drug task force has discovered 23 Methamphetamine labs or dump sites in the area.            Law officers are warning anyone along roadsides to wear protective equipment due to the danger of chemical burns, fire, explosions, and respiratory issues.   Gloves and grabber thongs should be utilized in the cleanup.               If an organization or group finds what they believe to be a meth dump site; they should mark the location, and contact a law enforcement agency.                             The Multi Area Narcotics Task Force also warns with the increased use of heroin, there may be syringes that have been disposed along the road.  These should be handled by an adult with great caution, and placed in a thick walled plastic container, like an empty bleach bottle, which can be properly discarded in a trash container.