Bond was set at $100,000 each for three subjects arrested over the weekend in Deshler, in connection with the discovery of a meth-lab in that village.  36 year old Brian Cole, 33 year old Robert Salyer, and 35 year old Pamela Salyer-all of Deshler, were arraigned in Napoleon Municipal Court on a felony-2 charge of Illegal Assembly of Drugs for the Manufacture of Drugs, and for a felony-3 charge of Endangering Children.  The Endangering Children charge stems from the potential danger of a methamphetamine lab located in the same home as children.


Pamela Salyers, Robert Salyer, and Brian Cole are all scheduled for preliminary hearings on Thursday.


In another case, 42 year old Michael Sheehy of Hamler was arraigned on a felony-4 charge of Domestic Violence.  Sheehy is being held on a cash bond of $100,000; and is scheduled to return to court on Thursday.