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Willie Nelson's Band of Brothers isn't the only new album he has on the way.  The country legend tells he'll follow next week's release with December Day this fall. 

Willie wrote a significant amount of the material for both upcoming discs -- his first since 1996's Spirit to feature a majority of his own original songs.  Nelson credits producer Buddy Cannon for helping him out of his writing slump, explaining that with Band of Brothers they found "a sort of formula that worked." 

Nelson says he'd record "an idea" and send it to Cannon, who would "hire musicians and cut the whole track from that," then he'd add vocals to finish the song. 

But Willie didn't follow that same formula for December Day -- he recorded that album with his band.  Nelson says he "really liked working" with Buddy's musicians on Band of Brothers, but he's "been waiting" a long time to make a record with his own group. 

Band of Brothers will be in stores on June 17th.  A release date hasn't been announced yet for December Day.

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