() A shocking story is coming out of Everson, Washington, where a pre-teen was raped,  impregnated and coerced into aborting her child.

The girl’s attacker brought her to Planned Parenthood, where she lied about how she was impregnated and subsequently had an abortion.

It was August 2012 when the preteen told clinic workers that her 14-year-old boyfriend was the baby’s father — a lie that was apparently told to protect the adult male who had perpetrated the crime.

It wasn’t until six weeks later that she told authorities what really happened. As a result, in April, Luis Gonztalez-Jose, 31, pleaded guilty to second-degree rape of a child.

The horrific incident apparently occurred at a home in Whatcom County, while her mother was in the shower, reports The Bellingham Herald. Gonzalez-Jose will serve nearly seven years in prison as a result of the crime and will be deported upon release.

The case has sparked intense critique from LifeNews, a pro-life organization. In a recent article highlighting the girl’s tragic story, the outlet wrote, “The abortion business apparently did the abortion without hesitation.” The original report in the Herald noted that the girl told the clinic she could not provide her boyfriend’s address or name — key elements that, if pressed, could have helped solve the crime before her admission.

The issue here is clearly one of disclosure. If information is hidden and not given to children’s parents, then sexual crimes may go unreported. In this case, the girl did tell an investigator what happened, but what if she hadn’t? Would Gonzalez-Jose still be free to continuing assaulting her and other young women?

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