Full Live Drive Schedule

Each fall, it is our goal to provide assistance to 23 local food pantries in Defiance, Paulding, and Williams counties in northwest Ohio.

Our 2013 campaign will kick off on Friday, October 25th, and we will collect donations through Friday, December 6th.

In addition to all of our live drive locations, collection barrels can be found throughout the campaign at the Chief Supermarket locations in Defiance, Bryan, and Paulding. Additionally, you will see collection cans in businesses all over northwest Ohio that you can make your monetary donations!

There are so many individuals and families around our community that use food pantries on a local basis to put meals on their tables.  Our collection of non-perishable food items and monetary donations goes directly into local food pantries. 100% of everything collected STAYS LOCAL!!

Please, take a look at the live drive schedule and make time to donate to our local food pantries.  If your family is in need, please click on the link for your county that will provide you with information on the locations that you can receive aide.

All donations are greatly appreciated!!


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