Photo-Boxer(Son Crosby showing off Pineapple)


Well, it finally happened earlier this week and I'm not looking forward to the next 18 years of grocery shopping.  While shopping for basics the other day with just my son Crosby, he decided to slip some "extra" items into the grocery cart like this Pineapple for example.  What 15 month old grabs a Pineapple and tosses it into the cart-LOL!  Like most parents at one time or another, something embarrassing is bound to show up while placing on the belt to be checked out.  Those items for me include the following-

1). Monster Energy drink-Yes, because a 15 month old can really use this

2). Women's Underwear & Bras-Try explaining this one to the checkout girl

3). Random food items from another country



"Intimate Products"-Hey, there's a lot of stuff in that same aisle that have NOTHING to do with those products

Have your kids ever placed anything in the shopping cart that embarrassed you?


Thanks for reading!