Screen shot from Youtube video below

Until companies that buy smart phones without any documentation are forced to become more responsible and require records to prove ownership, these thefts will continue to endanger unsuspecting people.

I see the boxes at area malls where phones dropped into un-manned depository boxes earn people money. This seems to be nothing more that a promotion for these type of crimes. Here is a video Metro Police have released showing how something like this happens.

Notice how the woman is busy looking at her phone and doesn't appear to even know she's being approached until the assailant grabs her phone. She runs after him but isn't prepared or even able to keep up. Police say that's not a good idea anyway. They instruct to instead focus on the details of the crime so that a better description can be shared with the authorities. The good news in this case is that this thug was caught and arrested. Kudos to the Metro Police and thanks for the job that you do. Now, judges, PLEASE penalize these losers to the fullest extent of the law. -Michael j