What Does Toby Keith Think Of 'New Country'?

Toby Keith follows up the touching ballad "Don't Let the Old Man In" with a rowdy flash of country-music pride in his new song "That's Country Bro."

Toby take this tune as an opportunity to name-check country music legends throughout this honky tonk bop, crediting them for helping to build the foundation of country music.

Recently, Cody Alan joined Toby on his bus where their conversation turned into a country music history lesson. It was clear that the two connected over their love of the genre.

"What is your take on a more rhythmic sort of country music, people might say more 'pop country'?" Cody asked.

"I don't know, here again, I don't listen to it, and I'm not hating," replied the "Red Solo Cup" singer. "I listen to the music that I grew up on, but you know, when I came out 'Code,' most of the class that I came out with was looked upon by the old-timers and the legends as "We weren't country."

Note: Toby Keith has a nickname for Cody Alan and as steady as the sunset, Toby refers to Cody as 'CODE' during each interview. (The CMT Cody Crew thinks it's awesome.)

"I mean my dad, when they first came to see me play, we were doing some Alabama songs in a bar, and he was like "That's not country. It doesn't have a fiddle in it." So his version of country had to have a fiddle in it. Then when Alabama came out with some songs with a fiddle, he was like, "Yeah, they're just faking it. He was so mad." Toby continued.

"Every generation thinks that the next generation is gonna be better, but I can't hate on em. Everybody deserves to do what they do and if it changes it changes. That doesn't mean that I have to."

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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