Watch Kane Brown Prank His Wife Katelyn With Hilarious Trick Question

Kane Brown is quite the jokester, and no one knows this better than his wife, Katelyn Jae.

The “Good as You” crooner played a hilarious prank on his lady love and captured the funny moment on Instagram. In the clip, Brown rides in the back seat of an SUV as they get orders from Starbucks. As Katelyn passes out drinks to everyone inside the car, Brown films as he asks, “Babe, how old would you be if you were born 12 years ago?"

You can see her thinking pretty hard on the question as she tries to do the math in her head. "Well, 10 years ago I would be 18,” Katelyn answers, hesitantly, drawing laughter from the other passengers in the vehicle.

At this point, she realizes her husband is pranking her for social media. "What? What the f—k are you guys talking about?!”

“If I was born 12 years ago? … Oh, so I would’ve been born in 19—” Katelyn trails off before conceding, “I’m not gonna fall for another one of your stupid trick videos."

"How old would you be?" Brown asks again. “I’d have to do the math," Katelyn says, sending the whole car bursting into laughter.

“I love you, babe,” mocks Brown, to which she responds, “No you don’t. You hit me with some trick question ... you're gonna stick it on Instagram, and I'll have everyone make fun of me again.”

Brown eventually gives in to telling his wife the answer (which is 12, by the way), which she reacts to with a look of total confusion before it finally hits her.

"I love this woman so much. Sorry for the f-bomb,” Brown captioned the sweet clip.

Watch the full video above.

Photo: Getty Images

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