Four Reasons Why A Guy Should Always Pay On The First Date

Going on a first date tends to always be a bit awkward, but there’s nothing more awkward than that moment when the check comes and the question arises as to who should be picking up the tab. Well, according to one professional matchmaker there shouldn’t be a question at all and the man should always be the one paying. 

Elite Daily talked to a matchmaker at Meet Mazal, a Jewish dating site, and they pointed out four reasons why the guy should always pick up the bill. They include:

  • It removes a potentially awkward situation – Dating is complicated enough without adding a debate over the check. If it’s a rule that men pick up the tab it simply automatically takes the awkward situation out of the equation. 
  • It’s tradition – While some women want to pick up the check so it appears they are independent, maybe there’s something to be said about following tradition and letting the guy pay. Plus, it helps the man appear to be a gentleman. 
  • It establishes that you were in fact on a date – Sometimes you spend a meal or drinks with a guy and you’re not sure if it’s a date or you’re just hanging out as friends and it's nothing serious. If the guy is the one picking up the tab it helps answer the question – it’s definitely a date! 
  • It sets the tone for your relationship – Should this date work out and you split the bill or even pay the check, the fella’s gonna expect things to go that way for the rest of your relationship. Allowing the man to pay sets the tone for your future expectations and how you expect to be treated. 

Source: Elite Daily

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