How Much Do Americans Spend On Super Bowl Parties?

While a lot of people look forward to Super Bowl Sunday for the game itself, we bet there are even more people who are just in it for the party. It’s pretty apparent that a lot of people take their Super Bowl party very seriously, with folks spending a lot of money to make sure there’s the right food and beverages for their guests.

Well, according to a new report, Americans will spend about $82-million on chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday, but that won’t be the only thing folks will be spending their money on. The money people spend on other food items include:

  • $80-million on deli salads
  • $58-million on deli sandwiches
  • $23-million on deli platters
  • $13-million on veggie trays
  • $10-million on deli dips

And of course there are bound to be tons of snacks as well, with chips being the biggest ticket item. In fact, folks spend about $277-million on potato chips, with tortilla chips close behind at $225-mil. Other salty snack expenses include:

  • $99-million on meat snacks
  • $89-million on popcorn
  • $71-million on cheese snacks
  • $42-million on salty snack dips

And last, but certainly not least, no party can be complete without beverages, with Americans spending $1.2-billion on beer for Super Bowl Sunday, with $533-million of that spent on above premium brews, $495 on domestic premium and $224 on budget beers. But not everyone drinks beer, so hosts will also shell out $594-million on wine and $503-million on spirits.

Source: Huffington Post 

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