Office Romances Now More Than Ever

It isn’t easy finding love these days, and while a lot of people are looking for romance online or in a bar, there’s another place where a lot of people are finding their mates – at work.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 41% of people say they’ve dated a coworker, which is the highest percentage since 2007. What’s more, 30% of office romances have led to marriage. And while dating the boss may be scandalous, it isn’t stopping most people. In fact, 29% of people say they’ve dated someone with a higher position than them, with 15% of those polled actually dating their boss. Even more shocking, 19% of people say their office romance involved at least one married person.

But not everyone who’s dating someone at the office is open about the relationship. The survey finds that 38% of people have been forced to keep their romance a secret, with men more likely than women to keep it under wraps (40% vs. 37%).

  • And when an office romance goes bad working with that person can make it even harder to get over the breakup. Things can get so awful, that 5% of workers admit they’ve left a job after an office romance went bad.

Source: CareerBuilder

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