Parents Say: Date Night Not A Priority

While lots of folks will be putting on their best outfits and enjoying a nice romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day next week, it seems a lot of those folks likely aren’t parents. A new survey by the babysitting service, Sittercity, finds that most parents don’t find time to have a date night without the kids. 

The poll finds that 46% of parents go out on a date night only once or twice a month, with 70% of parents with children two and under only going out without the kids once a month or less. As kids get older parents have a little more chance at date night, with 50% of parents with kids three and older going out on a date at least once a week. 

The cost of babysitting is one of the main reasons parents can’t find time for date night, but that’s not the only reason. The survey find that if they had free time 56% of parents would likely use it to run errands, while only 25% would use it to go on a date. In addition, while 61% of parents say they’d use a night off from the kids to go on a date with their partner, 25% would rather go out with friends.

  • As for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal for parents. In fact, 28% said they probably won’t celebrate Valentine’s until after February 14th, while 25% say they would include their family in the celebration.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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