Red Roses Not As Popular For Valentine’s Day

A lot of women will likely be getting flowers from their significant other tomorrow, but gals shouldn’t be too disappointed if those flowers aren’t the standard long-stem red roses. According to a new survey, red roses aren’t as popular for Valentine’s Day as they once were.

According to e-commerce data, about  28% of Valentine's Day-related web searches were for red roses, a decrease from 47% in 2015. Other rose colors are increasing in popularity though, with 21% of searches being for white roses, an increase of 5% from 2015, while 18% were for blue roses, a 12% increase from 2015. Other Valentine’s day rose searches include rainbow roses (17%), followed by purple (16%).

And while folks may not be going for reds, roses are still the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day. Overall, 60% of flower searches were for roses, which is more than triple the amount of the runner up, lilies (18%). Other popular flower searches include tulips (8%), orchids (7%) and sunflowers (7%).

As for who’s sending the most flowers, California is the state searching for roses the most, followed by New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida. 


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