Charitable Giving Reaches Record High In 2016

According to a new report, about $23-billion came in in fundraising revenue last year, with overall giving up 1% in 2016. Meanwhile online giving increased 7.9%, with online donations making up 7.2% of all fundraising efforts in 2016. And a lot of people were motivated to donate for #GivingTuesday, with online donations up 20% on that day from the previous years, with 17% of those donations made via mobile devices.

As for where that money’s going, K-12 education and arts and culture sectors saw the biggest increases, while the healthcare sector saw the biggest drop, a decrease of 4.5%.

Interestingly, while more money is coming in, there isn’t necessarily more people doing the giving. The report finds that over the past five years, despite the increase in charitable donations, there are fewer donors than before.

Source: Yahoo

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