Snapchat Still Tops Instagram With Millennials

There’s no doubt that folks love to share what’s going on in their lives by posting live video via Snapchat and Instagram “stories,” but in the battle of which one’s more popular it appears Snapchat is the victor hands down.

A new survey finds that Millennials by far prefer Snachat Stories, with 78% of the 1,991 surveyed saying it’s their preferred platform. While that number is down from the 88% who said Snapchat was their top pick four months ago, those defectors didn’t move to Instagram. In both polls, only 4% chose Instagram over Snapchat, and instead 16% say they now use neither narrative platform.

As for Facebook’s live video contribution, Facebook Live, it seems young folks aren’t jumping on board. The survey finds that very few Millennials have taken to it.

Source: WhatsGoodly

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