Most College Seniors Aren’t Ready

Parents, you better start emptying out that basement, because judging by a new survey, your new college grad will likely be living with you for a while. With a whole new graduating class headed into the workforce, it seems many of them don’t necessarily feel ready to start their career. In fact, the fourth annual Workforce Readiness Survey finds that only 44% of college seniors feel their college experience has left them feeling “very prepared” for their careers.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Overall, 83% of college seniors say they feel at least “moderately prepared” for the workforce, with interpersonal skills like communication abilities and teamwork, and critical thinking skills the areas they feel most confident about, as opposed to technical, presentation and networking skills.

And it sounds like most kids are optimistic about what they’re going to find when they start their job search. For instance:

  • 76% of college students are at least somewhat optimistic about their job prospects

  • 73% are somewhat optimistic about their futures overall

  • 83% believe that their major will help them get a job

As for what’s most important when looking for a job, 42% of students say it's finding a career that would provide a “comfortable life” for themselves an their families, while less than 30% want to make “an impact on the world or on people’s lives” and 7% are motivated to make “as much money as possible.” Meanwhile, when asked what would make them feel most fulfilled in their careers, the most popular answers were: a good work/life balance, an attractive salary and benefits, and opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.


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