The Dumbest Things Retail Workers Have Been Asked

Anyone who’s ever worked in retail knows it’s a thankless job. All too often, these folks have to deal with rude customers or, at the least, ones that are not at all thankful for the help being provided to them.

And then there are the customers that are just plain dumb. Yes, some shoppers are just totally clueless in stores, and retail workers have seen and heard it all. In fact, many have taken to the anonymous Whisper app to share the dumbest questions they’ve ever been asked while on the job, and it will no doubt leave you shaking your head. 

Some of the dumbest things retail workers have been asked include:

  • “A customer asked if she could take home the clothes and try then on and bring them back to pay. We have fitting rooms. That’s basically stealing.”

  • “Legit customer asked me where she could find jeans while standing next to the large wall filled with jeans.”

  • “While at work a customer asked me if I could hold this while she shopped. Her ‘this” was her infant.”

  • “I work at McDonald’s. One customer asked me why her iced coffee was cold.”

  • “This customer asked me if she could get a large size smoothie in a small size cup. I weep for humanity.”

  • “Today a customer asked me for a side of those little green trees, he was talking about broccoli.”

  • “When I worked delivery, a customer asked me why we needed their address. Because I don’t know where to deliver it otherwise you stupid twit.”

  • “A customer asked if we have vegetarian coffee.”

  • “A customer asked me if we could take out the tomato from the tomato basil bread. When it told her it was ‘infused’ with it, she told me to ‘diffuse’ it.”

  • “A customer asked once if a quesadilla comes with cheese.”

  • “Today a customer asked me how big our gallon jugs were…why.”

  • “Today at work someone asked me what our French fries were made of.”

  • “I’m at work and a woman just asked me if onion rings had onion in them.”

Source: Whisper

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