What To Cut From Your Morning Routine

We all want to have a better morning, but something has to give. Here are a few early morning habits we need to break to get going first thing.

  • Stop hitting snooze - It’s a hard habit to break, but it’s so worth it. Those few extra minutes of sleep you get between snooze alarms isn’t enough to finish a sleep cycle, so you’ll probably wake up even more tired when you do get up for good.

  • Stop taking long, hot showers - You’re trying to get moving, so a relaxing hot shower isn’t going to help. A short shower on the cool side is better for giving you an energetic start.

  • Stop drinking coffee - Relax, we don’t mean altogether, just not first thing. The ideal time for most of us to enjoy the buzzy brew is after 9:30, drinking caffeine too early slows your body’s natural cortisol production, which helps wake you up naturally.

  • Stop making breakfast - You can save a bunch of time by prepping the first meal of the day the night before. There are all kinds of breakfast eats that are designed to be made ahead.

  • Stop checking emails - You think that scrolling through your messages is innocent, but it can turn into a stressful waste of time. Most things can wait until you’re dressed and ready to start working, so hold off.

  • Stop checking social media - If you’re trying to streamline your morning, clicking through social media isn’t going to help. Wait until lunch when you need a break and have more time to spare - it’ll all still be there.

  • Stop stressing over your outfit - Even if you’re making good time, finding something to wear can derail your morning. You’ll be much better off choosing something the night before so you don’t even have to think about it at 7 a.m.

Source: PureWow

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