Crazy Tick Season- What You Need to Know

Health experts say from May to July, people will get more tick bites than any other time. But because of two warm winters in a row and a record harvest of acorn, this could be a particularly bad time. Acorn is a favorite food of mice in the wild and mice carry ticks.

Lyme disease cases are on the rise and other, sometimes fatal, diseases are also re-emerging.

Doctors warn to wear tick-repellent clothing and to avoid areas where they may be present. They also suggest these tips:

  • Use repellent with 20 percent DEET or more

  • Do body checks

  • Cut the grass short

  • Put clothes in the dryer for ten minutes; the heat will kill any ticks

How to remove a tick:

  • Use fine-tipped tweezers

  • Put tweezers at the base of the tick, where the head is

  • Pull upward

  • Clean area with rubbing alcohol

Source: CBS News 

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