The Trendiest Foods So Far This Year

It seems like every few months or so, a new food craze is sweeping the nation. And there is! In fact, a new report reveals just what seems to be trending this year, at least so far. According to Grub Hub, there seems to be an uptick in folks interested in bite-sized foods, charcuterie, and bowls, but favorites such as chicken fried steak and barbecue remain as popular as ever.

  • In general, bowls have seen the biggest increase in popularity, with orders going up 32% in 2017, with poke bowls specifically seeing a 365% increase in orders.

  • Meanwhile, vegan dishes have seen a 19% increase, and charcuterie, like salumi, prosciutto and blue cheese, is up 9%.

  • As for bite size food, pretzel bites seem to be very trendy, with orders increasing 238% over the past six months, along with mac and cheese bites (up 78%), and mini corn dogs (up 76%). 

But folks aren’t only going for trendy. Orders for classics like chicken fried steak are up 103%, while avocado toast isn't dwindling in popularity either (showing a 93% increase in orders). And traditional barbecue dishes are still craved, including barbecue beans (up 106%), barbecue chicken wings (up 78%) and sirloin steak (up 77%). 

Source: Yahoo Finance 

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