Workplace Isn’t A Happy Place

While we’d all like to say that we love going to work, a new study shows that for most people, their workplace isn’t exactly a happy place. In fact, according to the study by Rand Corp., Harvard Medical School and the University of California, Los Angeles, in lots of cases it can be downright hostile and stressful.

The study finds that a “disturbingly high” amount of workers, which in this case is about 20%, say their work environment is hostile and threatening for a variety of reasons including sexual harassment and bullying, with workers in customer service areas getting the brunt of such abuse. But that’s not all, 55% of workers say there are “unpleasant and potentially hazardous” conditions at their job, while 75% of workers spend a quarter of their job doing “intense or repetitive physical" labor.

And while we’re always hearing about people working from home these days, it turns out that’s really not true for the majority of workers. Overall,  78% of employees say they must be at their workplace during working hours. And they’re also working when they’re not on the job, with almost half of workers saying they have to use their own time to meet their job's demands.

But not everyone is enduring such a bad time at the office. The study finds that 80% of workers say they are able to solve problems at work on their own and also try out their own ideas. In addition, 58% of people say they have supportive bosses, and 56% have good friends on the job.

Source: CBS News

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