Stuff That Always Goes On Sale In September

With all that back-to-school shopping, your budget takes a big hit this time of year. So you’ll be glad to know you can catch a deal on these things during the month of September.

  • Mattresses - Labor Day is a great time to get serious savings on queen- or king-sized beds. Check out big retailers like Macy’s or Sears for markdowns as much as 50% off.

  • Flatscreen TVs - November is the best time to save big on a TV, but as early as September you start seeing stores clearing space for the new models. Now you can find deals on small sizes for dorm rooms, like the 32-inch, or huge ones, like the 55-inch - bigger is better for baseball playoffs.

  • A new car - New models are also coming to car dealerships, so that gives you the upper hand for negotiating the best deal.

  • Swing sets - Now that summer is winding down, you can get discounts as much as 30% off on outdoor play equipment.

  • An iPhone 7 - Apple typically reveals their new iPhone in September, so if you don’t mind having one that isn’t the latest model, you can save as much as 30 to 40% off last year’s still sleek iPhone 7.

  • Broadway tickets - If you’re planning a trip to New York City, this is your chance to score cheaper-than-usual seats to a popular Broadway show. You might not find a deal on Hamilton tickets, but tourism does drop at the end of the summer so theaters are working to fill seats this time of year.

Source: PureWow

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