Millennials To Blame For The Death Of The Postcard?

Remember when you used to go on vacation and would make sure to pick up some beautiful postcards of the destination you just visited? Well, apparently not as many people are doing that anymore, and the death of the postcard is being blamed on Millennials.

Over the past 25 years, the number of postcards sold each year has dropped from more than 20 million to just five or six million. A lot of that can be blamed on Millennials who, instead of sending postcards from a destination, would rather take selfies and just post photos of their trip on Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Millennials have been blamed for an industry dying. Other industries they’ve allegedly been killing include:

  • Diamond – Millennials are spending more money on experiences than luxury goods like fancy jewelry. 

  • Business cards – Apps which allow you to exchange information have taken the place of handing out business cards. 

  • Movies – Millennials are more likely to stay at home watching Netflix then to shell out money for a movie.

  • Soap – Millennials are saying no to bars of soap which they think are covered in germs, and instead use body wash and moisturizing products. 

  • Beer – Beer sales have been down a smidgen lately with younger folks now drinking more wine and spirits.

Source: New York Post

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