Most Want More Sweetness In Their Relationship

There’s no doubt that being part of a couple isn’t easy, and according to a new poll it seems one important ingredient is missing in a lot of relationships.

A survey by Groupon finds that 58% of people wish their partner was sweeter to them, and not surprising it’s the women in the relationship who are more likely to be desiring that kindness, 47% more likely than men to be exact.

And when things aren’t perfect with a couple, there’s a good chance they may start getting a little jealous of other couples around them. The poll finds that 20% of people in relationships say they regularly get jealous of other couples who seem to have a perfect relationship, with 65% of couples saying that comparisons with other couples have led to arguments in their relationship.

As for the things couples compete about most, they include:

  • Finances/money
  • Social life (dining out/date nights)
  • Vacation destinations
  • Sex life/how much sex we’re having
  • Property/our home

And while being around more couples may lead to more jealousy, 65% of people say they regularly go on double dates, with the average person going on about 16 a year. Of course not all double dates go well, and the survey uncovered some of the biggest faux pas couples can do on a double date. They include:

  • Bickering
  • Talking about sex
  • Kissing repeatedly
  • Criticizing a partner (even jokingly)
  • Third-wheeling someone (i.e. making them feel uncomfortable)

Source: New York Post

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