Most Americans Would Prefer To Skip Gift Giving

While the holidays are mostly associated with giving gifts to friends and loved ones, it seems a lot of us would be more than willing to forgo the exchanging of presents.

A new poll finds that 69% of Americans would gladly skip the whole gift exchange during the holidays if their friends and family were up for it. And while the idea of not getting gifts may depress you, 60% of people say they’d spend the time they normally waste buying gifts with family and friends, so that’s a positive.

And it’s pretty apparent the whole concept of gift giving can be stressful for people. In fact, 43% of people who give gifts over the holidays say they feel pressured to spend more money than they can actually afford, which is actually down from 46% last year. And if they didn’t have to spend that money, 25% would use it towards activities with friends and family, while 37% would put it towards their debt, and another 47% would save or invest it.

Source: Yahoo Finance 

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