Best Gift Cards For 2017

Although they are often looked at as the easy way out when it comes to giving presents, gift cards are more popular than ever during the holidays. But if you’re going to forgo thinking of the perfect gift for a friend and instead get them a gift card you’re going to want to at least make sure you get them a good one.

Well, WalletHub has just come out with their list of the best gift cards, judging cards on a variety of criteria including:

  • How popular the cards are
  • How much of a discount you can buy them for
  • How much you can sell them for
  • How much people like the retailer
  • Shipping fees

So, which card is the best one out there? Well, an iTunes gift card tops the list with a WalletHub score of 70. The card ranks fourth in popularity, plus there are no shipping costs, the average buyer can get a 5.15% discount, and the resale value for a $100 card is about $777.75. Plus, it gets a customer experience retailer rating of 3.03 out of five.

Top Ten Best Gift Cards

  1. iTunes Gift Card
  2. Starbucks Gift Card
  3. Walmart Gift Card
  4. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card
  5. Target Gift Card
  6. Amazon Gift Card
  7. Best Buy Gift Card
  8. Chipotle Gift Card
  9. Fandango Gift Card
  10. Sephora Gift Card

As we mentioned, the iTunes gift card is actually the fourth-most popular gift card, so which is the most popular overall? Well it’s acutally a tie between the Amazon gift card and a Visa gift card, which does make sense since basically a person can buy anything they want with either of those. 

Top Ten Most Popular Gift Cards

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. Visa Gift Card
  3. Walmart Gift Card
  4. iTunes Gift Card
  5. American Express Gift Card
  6. Target Gift Card
  7. Starbucks Gift Card
  8. Disney Gift Card
  9. Sephora Gift Card
  10. eBay Gift Card

Source: WalletHub 

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