Seven Date Ideas For The Painfully Bashful

Almost everyone has had that painfully quiet first date - where neither person is speaking. And while having an expert whispering in our ear about what to say would be awesome, it’s not practical.

What to do? Date ideas that inspire conversation. Going to the movies may sound like a generic date, but you don’t have to talk the whole time, and afterwards you can spend the rest of the date discussing what you liked or disliked about it.

In fact there’s a whole lot of dates that will get you talking or distract you so no one has to speak! Here are a few more ideas:

  • Go See A Movie – Not a talker? Don’t worry, you can relax and let the talkies do the work.
  • Head To A Comedy Show – Laughter is the best way to kill those nervous jitters, plus someone else is doing all the talking!
  • Visit A Museum – An awesome way to find something to talk about be it artwork or dinosaurs.
  • Go Biking – You’ll both be too out of breath to talk.
  • Rage At A Concert – The music will be too loud to have a conversation and what better way to get to know someone then knowing their musical tastes.
  • Have Fun At An Amusement Park – Your senses will be overloaded! You can ride roller coasters together and just scream.
  • Take A Class Together – This may be the most underrated date ever. Learning something new with your date can be comical, fun, and a great icebreaker.

Source: Elite Daily

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