Five Reasons To Workout Right After Waking Up

According to one expert, the best time of day to workout is right after waking up. Personal trainer Keith McNiven says “by starting the day right you are more likely to stick to your fitness goal — and see results.”

According to McNiven, sticking to your fitness goals isn’t the only reason working out early can be beneficial, in fact, he says you build more muscle in the morning as well.

And with family obligations and lots of distractions that accumulate during the day, working out right after you wake up can guarantee you don’t forfeit your workout for other commitments.

Here are the top five reason’s McNiven lists as benefits for working out right after the alarm goes off, or after that first cup of coffee.

  1. You’ll build muscle faster: “In the early hours of the day, levels of vital hormones — like testosterone — that build muscle mass are higher. By exercising in the morning, you can take advantage of this,” McNiven says.
  1. Boost metabolism: “All other things being equal, working out in the morning will help to boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories for the rest of the day,” according to McNiven.
  1. It’s quieter: It might sound like an obvious one, but the earlier you get to the gym the less likely you are to fight the crowds.
  1. You can dodge distractions: Fast forward to after work, and you will be less motivated, fatigued, or tempted to go with the work gang for a drink, distracted by a sick child, or an overdue report for work or school. McNiven says “if you’ve already completed your workout, you can simply roll with whatever obstacles come up later in the evening without feeling bad that you missed the other day.”
  1. Quality time: Lastly, McNiven says “nothing is more important than family. Which is why slicing off a small segment, like you can in the morning, is usually better than in the evening, when you have to fight rush hour, navigate a crowded gym, get home to shower, and allot whatever time is left to your family.”

Source: New York Post

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