Couples Are Still Keeping Financial Secrets

While it’s always important to be open and honest in relationships, it seems there are a lot of people keeping secrets from their significant other, especially when it comes to money. A new poll finds that 23% of people in relationships say they have hidden a bank account from a partner, with people who don’t live with their significant other more likely to be keeping such a financial secret.

And while you may think it’s innocent enough, plenty of people feel that’s absolutely not okay. In fact, 31% of those in relationships say keeping a credit card, checking or savings account hidden from your mate is wore than physically cheating. What’s more, those who make less than $40,000 are more likely than those making a lot more to believe keeping a secret account is worse than an affair.

It also seems like a lot of people are a little suspect of their partners when it comes to financial issues. While 85% of people say they are honest with their partner about money, only 77% actually think their partners are telling them the whole truth.


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