More People Embracing Doing Things Alone

While years ago people would go out of their way to avoid doing things like going to a movie, or dining out alone, it turns out nowadays a lot of people are embracing it, and even loving it.

“Sitting alone at a bar is chic,” 34-year-old Jocelyn Borgner tells Moneyish. “As I’ve gotten older I appreciate my alone time more and I value my solo dates because I’m more comfortable with myself.” And she isn’t alone, with actress Valerie Bertinelli recently tweeting about eating alone, as has Chrissy Teigen, who added “my next big wish is to go to the movies alone.”

Eating out alone is particularly popular, with OpenTable noting that single reservations are the fastest growing table party size, with reservations going up 62%, particularly in cities like Dallas, Miami, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Chicago. Some suggest that more people are comfortable dining out alone thanks to iPhones and iPads, which can help them entertain themselves as they wait for their meal.

  • Cities are particularly good for the lone person, with going solo to movies also pretty popular, with folks no longer having to wait until they can find a partner to see that flick they’ve always wanted to check out. There’s also another big added bonus to doing things solo. For other forms of entertainment, like concerts or shows, getting a single ticket can be a lot easier than trying to get a pair, and you can often score a better seat. 
  • But if you are someone who is still unsure about heading out solo for an activity, experts suggest a few things that may ease your discomfort. For example, bring a book or magazine to keep yourself busy, or even a laptop, tablet or phone, to keep your mind off being alone.

Source: Moneyish

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