Civically Active Kids Likely To Earn More Money

Every parent wants their kids to grow up and make a good living, and it seems there’s something parents could be doing when their kids are young that may help with that outcome.

A new study finds that teens who get involved in things like voting, volunteering and activism are more likely to earn more money and get a higher education than those who aren’t civically engaged. As a bonus, the study also suggests that volunteering and voting also decreases the risk of depression and negative health behaviors, such as substance abuse. 

Of course, getting your child to be civically engaged isn’t always easy. Experts say the easiest way to get them involved is to be involved yourself and set a good example. One mom notes it’s also important that kids know where you give and why you’ve chosen a particular organization, and also let the know “giving makes you feel good.”

  • And parents need to start when their kids are toddlers, maybe giving them a piggy bank, and then discussing with them how they want to use their money, encouraging them to earmark some of it for charity. And it’s not just about money, take your kids to volunteer with you, and start that young as well.
  • When it’s time for volunteering, make sure the child chooses a cause they really care about, and then let them see the results of their actions, like taking them to the food bank to see people get the food they helped raise money for. 

Source: Moneyish

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