Americans Aren’t Planning Vacations Should Be

When it comes to vacation, there will always be those who plan their trips out months in advance, But most Americans don't fall into that category.

According to a new Project Time Off poll, conducted in conjunction with National Vacation Planning Day, which is today, only 49% of Americans take time to plan out their vacation days each year. The main reason most don’t do any planning has to do with uncertainty of scheduling, whether it’s their personal schedule (64%), work schedule (57%) or their children’s schedule (50%)

And putting off vacation planning can result in lots of folks not getting the days they want. Overall, 91% of managers say they want to approve all vacation requests, but 43% say they sometimes can’t because employees don’t give them enough notice. The survey adds that 48% of folks give six weeks notice of less, and only 19% give three months.

Part of the reason people don't ask for vacations early could be a disconnect between bosses and employees. In fact, 27% of employees worry their boss wouldn’t like them to ask for all their vacation days up front, although 78% of managers say they actually would. For the record, 88% of managers saying employees who do are actually being responsible.

Source: Business Journals

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