Students Suggest Ways To Stop Bullying

It’s no secret that bullying is a real problem in schools these days, and it seems kids need a lot more guidance about what to do about it.  

A new survey by the Cartoon Network finds that 62% of nine to 11 year olds say they’ve been bullied at least “once or twice," while 70% believe kids their age would be kinder if those running our country set a better example about how to treat others.

It may seem like an easy thing to say that other kids have to look out for those who are being picked on, but kids admit it isn’t all that simple. In fact, 58% of those who who’ve seen someone get bullied or left out say they don’t help because they don’t know what to do or say. What’s more 46% are concerned that if they do say something it would make things worse, with 37% saying they don’t help out of fear they themselves will get made fun of. 

The survey also finds:

  • 77% of 9- to 11-year-olds say they have witnessed bullying (50% once or twice, 27% many times)
  • 64% say they have tried to help someone being bullied (47% once or twice, 17% many times)
  • 96% of kids say adults in their family set a good example for how to treat others with kindness, while 93% say the adults in their school do, and only 46% say the adults in our government do
  • 23% of kids say caring about others is the “most” important to them, while others prioritize being happy (35%), getting good grades (23%), or having good friends (17%)
  • Only 14% of kids say "caring about others" is most important to their parents, compared to 27% who said "good grades" and 56% who said "being happy."
  • 77% say it would help kids their age be kinder if there was someone who could give kids ideas about what to do or say in tough situations
  • 66% said it would help if they could spend more time with kids who are different from them 

Source: Cartoon Network

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