Little Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger

It’s finally March 1, but we’ve spent the last six weeks wearing sweatpants and bickering with our partners about who’s turn it is to walk the dog. Winter can take a toll on a relationship while we don’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere because it’s cold out, but spring is right around the corner. And if your relationship needs a pick-me-up this month, here’s how to do it.

Commit to “Netflix and Talk” - After you and bae get done watching that episode of “Black Mirror,” get into a conversation about how mind-twisting it was. Let the shows you enjoy watching together be a catalyst for engaging talks and be reminded why you fell in love with this smarty pants in the first place.

Take advantage of daylight savings - It seems like we just turned the clocks back, but they’re already springing forward on March 11. And that means more daylight for your evenings, which is the perfect time to reconnect with your sweetie on an after-dinner walk or an al-fresco happy hour.

Set-up a sitter swap - Date nights are essential for a happy relationship, but who can afford one with the price of babysitting today? So here’s a budget-friendly fix: get one of your couple friends who has kids to watch yours one weekend so you can go out, and the next weekend, you watch theirs. It’s free babysitting and if you’re lucky, your kids even get along and have fun.

Book a summer trip - If the long, dark days of winter have you down, start dreaming and planning your ultimate summer getaway. Talk about where you want to go and your goals for the warm weather months and decide what vacation you want to take. Having something to plan and look forward to with your sweetie will give you the boost you need now.

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