Weekend Movie Review 3-26-18

This weekend at the box office, saw “Black Panther” past the $1-billion threshold making it the top grossing Marvel movie ever. Unfortunately, “Black Panther” was also dethroned, by none other than “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” The movie hit a home run in its opening weekend raking in $28-million.

“I Can Only Imagine” is in its second week at the box office and maintains its number three spot. The movie is still very popular among those of Christian faith as it tells the back story of the MercyMe song “I Can Only Imagine.”

“Sherlock Gnomes” also debuted this weekend, but didn’t hold up as well as anticipated. The animated flick was made for $59-million, but only made $10.6-million this weekend. MGM is hoping to hit the mid-teen mark this weekend coming up.

  • “Pacific Rim: Uprising”: $28-million
  • “Black Panther”: $16.7-million
  • “I Can Only Imagine”: $13.8-million
  • “Sherlock Gnomes”: $10.6-million
  • “Tomb Raider”: $10.4-million

Source: Deadline

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