Cities Where Airbnb Is Cheaper Than A Hotel

When planning a vacation some folks may get a little sticker shock when checking out the price of hotels at their destination, especially when visiting during high season. These days there are certainly other options when it comes to lodging, and many may think renting an Airbnb will save them some dough, but it turns out that’s actually not normally the case.

According to “Money” magazine, when looking for low-cost places to stay, on average hotels are actually cheaper, but there are some cities where you can find a deal with Airbnb. The mag looked at 300 cities, and determined that there were actually less than 40 cities where the average Airbnb was cheaper than a hotel, and they’re now sharing the ten best cities to find such deals.

Overall, the best city to find an Airbnb deal is Charleston, West Virginia, where the average night at a hotel will cost about $180, but an Airbnb will be about 38% less at only $112. And there are even some big cities that make the Top Ten, including Philadelphia, Detroit and New York.

Top Ten Cities Where Airbnb Is Cheaper Than A Hotel(Hotel vs. Airbnb price)

  1. Charleston, WV ($180.60 vs. $112.53)
  2. Santa Monica CA ($344 vs. $222.89)
  3. York, ME ($101.44 vs. $71.89)
  4. New Haven, CT ($189.77 vs. $136.20)
  5. Buffalo, NY ($168 vs. $121.63)
  6. Detroit, MI ($200 vs. $146.15)
  7. Grand Canyon, AZ ($200 vs. $148.51)
  8. Philadelphia, PA ($190 vs. $151.60)
  9. St. Louis, MO ($162 vs. $131.11)
  10. New York, NY ($256 vs. $209.58)

Source: Money

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