Weekend Movie Recap

“A Quiet Place” is making some noise at the box office after its first weekend in theaters. The movie has already surpassed its net cost of $17-million before prints and advertising, raking in $50-million over the three days. The film, which stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, is set to make a huge impact on Krasinski’s directing career, according to “Deadline.” Paramount’s president of domestic distribution, Kyle Davies,says the movie is more than just a horror flick, which is why it did so well this weekend.

“It transcended any genre. While it may have been perceived as a horror film, you can’t get to these numbers without it being about story,” says Davies. “The movie became all things to all people; it connected with people’s primitive needs to protect family in a dangerous time.”

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” still has some life in its second weekend. Though it’s down 40 percent in numbers, it still brought in upwards of $25-million. Universal’s “Blockers” opened at number three. Reviews say what sets the movie apart most from other raunchy comedies is its depiction of the parents’ point of view and the fact it “has a lot of heart.”

  • “A Quiet Place”- $50-million
  • “Ready Player One”- $25.1-million
  • “Blockers”- $21.4-million
  • “Black Panther”- $8.4-million
  • “I Can Only Imagine”- $8.35-million

Source: Deadline

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