Weekend Movie Recap

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done it again in the box office, this time with his latest movie “Rampage.” The film follows a primatologist (Johnson) on his quest to save his gorilla friend George from destroying everything in its path.

“Rampage” has taken the number one spot away from John Krasinki’s“A Quiet Place,” but the thriller isn’t slowing down. It raked in $32.6-million in its second weekend. Friday the 13th seemed to help a bit with those numbers.

Speaking of Friday the 13th, “Truth or Dare” had its work cut out battling “A Quiet Place” on the superstitious day. The movie came in third in the box office and was hoping to gain that female audience that would have also gone to see “A Quiet Place.” The movie raked in $19-million, which isn’t too bad for a movie with a $5-million budget. 

  • “Rampage”- $34.5-million
  • “A Quiet Place”- $32.6-million
  • “Truth or Dare”- $19-million
  • “Ready Player One”- $11.2-million
  • “Blockers”- $10.3-million

Source: Deadline

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