Mother’s Day Gifts By Stage Of Motherhood

If you haven’t gotten your mom a Mother’s Day gift you still have a little bit of time, but not all mothers want, or need, the same type of token of appreciation. What stage of motherhood a women is in is a good indicator of what may be the perfect gift, so if you’re still trying to come up with something you may want to listen up.

  • Stage I: Sleep-deprived and overwhelmed: Most new moms can identify with this one. Since their baby rarely sleeps, and they don’t either, and whenever they have a minute of free time, it’s usually spent on some sort of chore, rather than doing anything for themselves. The perfect gift for this mom is simply a day to herself. Dads, take the childcare reigns for the entire day, and leave the house to encourage mom to relax and pamper herself with a hot bath, a good book or even a nap. 
  • Stage II: Underappreciated, and still sleep-deprived: This busy mom has older kids who she rarely sees because she’s either working, they’re in school or playing sports, or just hanging with friends. And when they do see her they’re rarely nice. A great gift for this type of mom is one that involves spending time with family, sans any arguments, like say at a great brunch, or a hike, or even take out at home with a movie, as long as everyone is smiling and getting along. You could also do something nice for this mom, like say wash her car, or fill up the gas tank in her car, or maybe even create a playlist for her on her iPod.
  • Stage III: Well-rested, but pining for the days of yore: For these moms, their kids don’t need her quite as much, and she’s missing the time they counted on her, no matter how frustrating they may have been. She actually misses all those responsibilities she had to juggle, until one day she’s accepted being an empty nester and ready to enjoy life. These moms don’t need a lot, maybe a card where you actually let them know what’s going on in your life. Or even a commitment to come visit over the holidays.

Source: The Washington Post