Florists Reveal Mother’s Day Flower Trends

A recent report by the National Retail Federation says that Americans will spend $2.6-billion on flowers for Mother’s Day, with the holiday being the second busiest for the floral industry. So, what flowers will folks be getting for mom this year?

Well, a perennial favorite for a Mother’s Day arrangement is Peonies, with florists noting that rumors that it’s a favorite of royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle may make it even more popular this year. “It was already really popular, and I’m sure she’ll be putting it over the top,’’ Megan Bailey Darmody, spokeswoman for the Washington D.C.-based online flower delivery service UrbanStems, tells “USA Today.”

  • Another flower that's coming back in style is the carnation. Although previously thought of as old fashioned, the carnation, which was actually associated to the first Mother’s day in 1908, is hot again, especially because it now comes in a wide array of colors. In addition to red, pink and white, there are also a variety of purple hues as well. "It gets a bad rap as being a supermarket flower and being very cheap,'' Darmody notes, "but we work with farmers and we really incorporate these beautiful novelty carnations...You wouldn't even know they're carnations.''
  • There are also a lot of unusual options that are becoming popular for Mother’s Day like the “Dusty Miler,” which is a silver-toned, green flower, as well Eucalyptus plants, thanks to their fragrance, and geometric leaves.

Source: USA Today

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