The States That Tip The Best

Ask anyone who works as a waiter, waitress or bartender and they’ll tell you how vital tips are to their income, yet time and time again people can be super cheap when adding a gratuity for a job well done. Not surprising, there are parts of the country where folks are way more generous than others, and a new report reveals just where those places are. 

According to a report by Discover, the highest tippers live in Wyoming, where folks tip about 22%, with Idaho and Nebraska, also tipping pretty high. Meanwhile, the worst tippers are in Arkansas, with folks tipping just over 10%, with Nevada and Montana, also pretty cheap when it comes to tipping.

States With The Best Tippers

  1. Wyoming (22%)
  2. Idaho (18%)
  3. Nebraska (17.58%)
  4. Massachusetts (17.32%)
  5. Maine (16.96%)
  6. Michigan (16.56%)
  7. New Mexico (16.54%)
  8. Vermont (16.50%)
  9. North Carolina (16:48%)
  10. Hawaii (16.33%)
  • Discover also set out to uncover which service workers receive the best tips, and not surprisingly, Servers, i.e. waiters and waitresses, get the highest gratuities, about 16%, while hairdressers get the second best, around 13%. As for the worst tips, those go to takeout cashiers, who only get around 4%, and casino dealers, who get 6%, although ride sharing drivers, like Uber and Lyft, get the shaft too, with tips only around 8%. 

Source: Money 

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