The Most Trusted Companies in America

Being able to trust companies is certainly an important thing for most people, but we all know too well there are some companies that do a better job at earning folks trust than others. 

Well, the 2018 Tempkin Trust ratings have just come out, which rates 318 companies across 20 industries, based on consumer feedback. The results found that the most trusted company in the U.S. is the financial services company USAA’s banking arm, with a Temkin Trust rating of 81%, with Wegman’s supermarket coming in second  (79%), followed by credit unions (77%) and H-E-B (77%).

On the flipside, TV/Internet service providers make up the bottom of the list, with Comcast the least trusted with a trust rating of just 22%, followed by Charter Spectrum (25%), Optimum (29%) and Cox Communications (29%).

  •  Overall, the supermarket industry got the highest average trust rating at 66%, followed by investment firms at 62% and insurance companies (61%) while TV/Internet services earned the lowest scores (32%), with even health plans doing better than them (49%).

Source: Market Watch

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