The BEST School Fundraiser EVER

It’s no secret that it isn’t easy being a mom, having to juggle all your kids commitments, not to mention if you’re a working mom things can get even worse. And then on top of all that, lots of moms are then forced to find time to deal with school fundraisers, like bake sales and what not. Well, one school and Alabama has found a way to lighten parents’ load and other moms are definitely jealous.

Briana Leggett Woods, a mother of two from Auburn, Alabama, recently shared a letter she got in her kids back-to-school packet on social media, and it has since gone viral. The note was titled the “opt out fundraiser," and gave parents the option of skipping all the work to fundraise for the school and just write a check.

"Don't want to sell anything, bake anything, buy anything or generally avoid fundraising of any kind? We feel the same way!!" the form read. It then explained that parents could skip out on typical fundraisers by making a donation of any amount they want, although the school recommended at least $15. 

  • Auburn High School Parent Teacher Organization president Emmy Sorrells says the motivation behind the note was to find, “a way to do a no-pressure, totally tongue-in-cheek and humorous way to get more financial involvement.” Woods called the letter a “breath of fresh air,” and it seems a lot of people agreed. Her initial post has since been shared 35,000 times, with tons of responses. "I would pay the $50 and feel like I got away cheap," one person noted, while another added, "All schools need one of these.”

 Source: Fox News

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