Swimmer PR Board

As most of you know (or show know), my daughters have been involved in swim team for years and years.  The team started doing a PR Board last season, and I just have to share.

Here's how it works.. every time a swimmer sets a personal record at a meet, they get to put a sticker up on the board.  Here's what the board looked like tonight, after PR's from 8 meets.

BUT, this is really what I want to share... there were 55 stickers added from this past weekend's meet.  Pair that with the 80 that were added from the past weekend.  These kids have worked so hard, and achieved 135 personal record stickers in back-to-back weekends!!


pr board

Yes.. I did block out the name of the swimmers.  

Just enjoy the hard work of these kids.. ages 5 to 18.

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